Our Mission

Why Wyile Cider Exists

We realized during many hours of social gatherings solving the world’s problems over adult beverages that there was a definite void in suitable social beverages.  Some beers just don’t taste that good, and makes one go to the bathroom too often.  Wine, on the other hand, is a little too strong for long-winded social engagements, and people often get a little too tipsy.  And, above all, they weren’t really that good for you.  We decided that the world really needed a fun, healthy beverage that tastes good, does not fill up the bladder, and is not as potent as wine.  Then, to our surprise, during one of our in-depth social gatherings we saw the elusive Appalachian Wyiles who introduced us to a special blend of healthy flavored apple ciders  and the rest is, as they say, history.



Wyile Cider Legend

In 1998 the Postlewaite's discovered and befriended an ancient race of little people called Appalachian Wyiles living in seclusion on their Foxfire Mountain farm in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains.  A few years later, these little people entrusted the Postlewaites with their secret apple cider recipes that had been handed down from the original Irish leprechauns of the 1600s.  Today, the Postlewaites continue to produce these special ciders on Foxfire Mountain with the following promise to the Appalachian Wyiles:

   1.  Only fresh apples from Appalachian    orchards will be used.

2.  No artificial coloring or flavoring will be used.

3.  The Postlewaites will never divulge where the Appalachian Wyiles live, or their secret recipes.



We are dedicated cider enthusiasts who are fanatical about the quality and purity of our hand-made ciders.  We use only the best hand-selected Appalachian apples and all certified real fruit and spice flavorings.  All of our ciders are naturally fermented to between 6.5% and 7.5% alcohol by volume.  We do not water down our ciders to decrease the alcohol content or add unnatural ingredients to increase the alcohol content.  We promise not to use any artificial flavors, or artificial coloring.  All of our ciders are naturally gluten free.



Because our ciders are hand made in small batches, we are able to personally manage every aspect – from apple buying, juicing, and fermenting, to blending, flavoring, tasting and bottling; in order to produce very special ciders that are specifically designed and blended for savory taste with the correct amount sweetness, apple tartness and flavor to deliver an exceptional customer experience.  Each flavor is taste tested by our “taste masters” and by real customers in our brick-and-mortar tasting room before it is approved for sale. Winning the Concordance "Best of Show" Award at the University of Tennessee's Wines of the South contest is a testament to the good work of our cider makers and their happy tasters.


We pride ourselves in having the largest selection of both carbonated and still (non-carbonated) ciders available anywhere.  We have a lot of fun creating different and interesting flavors and, at any time, we may have as many as 18 regular flavors — from natural apple flavors; to fruit flavors; to spiced flavors available.

Health Benefits

The old saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” also applies to apple ciders.  The malic acid in apples and ciders is known for its numerous health benefits for digestion, detoxification, to support aerobic metabolic functions, and increase energy levels.  Other alcoholic beverages do not share these health benefits. 

Our Philosophy

We believe that a good work ethic, quality products, and fair prices will produce financial success in a capitalistic society.  And, while we are capitalists and strive to achieve financial success, we also believe that businesses have a social responsibility to serve the greater good.  The Appalachian Wyile folklore is a metaphor for the beautiful and rich cultured people of rural Appalachia.  The Wyile Cider Company supports the Appalachian people by contributing 3% of our profits to help them find economic stability as our nation transitions away from fossil fuels.  We also refuse to contribute to the pollution of our planet, therefore, we do not use any plastic containers or lids in our packaging, as they are non-biodegradable materials.  We only use biodegradable and easily recyclable materials such as glass, metal, paper, and cardboard in packaging our ciders.

Thank you for visiting our website and we hope you will join us in a glass of refreshing Wyile Cider.


The Wyile Cider Team

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