How To Be Charitable

It was a late spring afternoon and O'Klee and Scrumpy had each just hoed up a bushel of Morel mushrooms, a bunch of wild onions, and mess of sweet watercress and were walking home when they ran across a poor old fellow along the trail. O'Klee asked tattered old man, “How ar ye doin’ old man?” and the old man answered, “I aint had no work fer over a month and h’ant had nutten to et for purty nigh three days now.” With that O"Klee told Scrumpy to go on ahead that he was going to help the old man with some food. After an hour has passed Scrumpy saw O'Klee coming up the trial, but only a few vegetables gone out of his basket. Scrumpy thought to himself that O'Klee was being stingy and didn’t share but a few bites of food with the pour old man. As they walked on up the trail they came across a poor old lady that looked hungry. Scrumpy thought here is a chance for me to show O'Klee that I am more generous than he is, so he said to O'Klee, “I will hep this old woman with some vittles and I won’t be stingy about it like you.” With that he gave the old lady half of his vegetables, enough food for three meals.


The old lady thanked Scrumpy profusely and went on her way with half of Pine’s food.

As they walked along the trail to where the trail split for their individual homes, Scrumpy looked kind of proud as he said to O'Klee, “ I have more charity than you as I gave half my food to the poor old lady and you gave only a few bites to the old man.” With that they parted ways and went to their perspective homes to feed their families.

At meal time O'Klee shared his vegetables with his family and they had a great meal of sautéed onions and mushrooms poured over steamed watercress. The family ate til their bellies were full then they sang and danced til bedtime. Scrumpy, on the other hand, didn’t have enough food and his children and wife went to bed angry and hungry. There was no singing and dancing in Scrumpy’s home that night.

The next day Scrumpy and O'Klee were out again gathering their daily vegetables and berries in the forest when they ran across the old woman that Scrumpy had shared his food with three days earlier. The old woman came to Scrumpy and asked if she could have half his food again as she had eaten all food he had given her and was hungry again. Scrumpy told the old woman to follow him home and he would give her some food if there was any left over after feeding him family.

Then O'Klee and Scrumpy continued up the on the trail to their homes when they ran into the old man that O'Klee had helped. The old man came up to O'Klee and gave O'Klee a basket full of blue berries in return for the food O'Klee had given him the day before. Then he thanked O'Klee for teaching him how to find his own food in the forest.

What did the Scrumpy learn today?

     Scrumpy learned that it is good to be charitable but not if it takes away from the needs of your family and giving your time to teach people how to provide for themselves is the best charity of all.

"Save the Wyiles...Drink more cider"

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