Hand Crafted Wyile Cider

What Makes Wyile Ciders So Special


The key to making excellent apple ciders is the quality of the  apples, the purity of the fermentation process, the proper aging, the selection of yeasts and finally the blending. 

At Wyile Cider we pride ourselves as craft cider makers, as opposed to production cider manufacturing operations.  We take each step in the building of an excellent cider very seriously.  We source all our apple varieties exclusively from the Appalachian orchards from Georgia to Maine depending on the cider base we are making and then we select only the best cider apples to crush and blend.  

We then slow ferment that cider for about three weeks (not three days like some production companies) using special yeasts until all the natural sugars have turned to alcohol.  We use several cultured and natural yeasts depending on what we are trying to achieve.  Some yeasts will bring out the tartness in the apples; some the sweetness; some the aroma; and some an earthy taste.  We may actually end up with up to 6 different bases from the same batch of apples by using different yeasts.  Selecting the proper yeast is the true mark of an experienced cidermaster and a skill that takes years to develop.  Without any added sugars or chemicals apple cider will naturally ferment to around 7% alcohol by volume.  We add no artificial sugars to increase the natural alcohol content or fillers to reduce the alcohol content.  It’s a pure as it gets.

  Once the cider base is completed, it is aged for 3 to 12 months, (depending on the blend we are making), then it is tested, tasted, and blended with other cider bases and with natural flavors to get the desired taste, sweetness, earthiness, tartness, and aroma.  At Wyile Cider, we take pride in making craft apple ciders from the freshest Appalachian apples and natural flavorings without any chemical additives.  Our natural ciders have no artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, or glutens.  All of our ciders are around 7% alcohol, which is a little more than a standard beer, and less than wine.  From start to finish it may take up to a year or more of careful nurturing before a Wyile Cider is bottled and ready to drink.  If you desire a pure, healthy and refreshing adult beverage, then Wyile Cider should be your beverage of choice.


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