Blackberry Hard Cider

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Earnest's Blackberry Glee

This is one of our most popular ciders and recently won the University of Tennessee’s “Concordance” or Best of Show award in their annual Wines of the South contest, which includes the 14 south eastern states from Texas to West Virginia to Florida. This is a full-bodied cider infused with natural blackberry flavoring to give this apple wine a hearty bust of flavor and a robust mouthfeel. This blackberry cider is included in our Healthy Berry Cider series because it is a berry used to treat diarrhea, diabetes, gout, inflammation and heart disease (*WebMD). Earnest’s Blackberry Glee is great served as a red wine with red meat and pasta meals. At 6.9% ABV, this cider is not carbonated.

  • Pure Appalachian apples
  • Natural blackberry extract or concentrate
  • Trace amounts of sulfides to preserve the freshness
  • This product contains No Gluten or artificial flavors or artificial colors.

Wyile Folklore

Earnest is a macho guy who loves working in the blackberry patches and scurrying the countryside for delicious morel mushrooms which he sautés in blackberry cider and pours over his medium grilled steak. Earnest is an interesting sort of Wyile who keeps mostly to himself but is kind of sweet on Fionna, (although he vehemently denies it). Although Earnest is shy he always shows up for all the Wyile community events and usually wins the annual horseshoe pitching contest. He has been caught giving Fionna a fleeting glance and sheepish grin when he scores a ringer -- she always smiles back.

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