Sparkling Dry Hard Cider

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O'Klee's Dry Sparkling Cider

All the way from the 18th century hills of Ireland, you’re now holding the perfect blend of rich, tart properties that deliver a smooth, austere finish without sacrificing high-quality, all-natural ingredients. This cider recipe has been passed down and fine-tuned for generations, first by the leprechauns of Ireland, then by their Wyile ancestors that live on Foxfire Mountain today. Out of respect for their leader, O’Klee, a cider to match his wisdom, integrity and dry sense of humor was created. All of the best things take time. Centuries later, the best cider has arrived. This cider was a Silver Metal winner at the University of Tennessee "Wines of the South" judged wine tasting contest in 2017.


  • Pure Appalachian apples
  • Trace amounts of sulfides to preserve the freshness
  • This product contains no artificial flavors or colors
  • Gluten Free
  • 6.9% ABV
  • 750 ml (25.5 oz.)

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