Raspberry Hard Cider

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O'Klee's Raspberry Dazzle


O’Klee Raspberry cider has a distinctive raspberry taste that is sweet on the front end and subtlety tart on the back end. It is sweeter than many of the Wyile ciders and is often used as a dessert wine, but it is not syrupy sweet like some dessert wines. This wine goes well as an after-dinner drink poured over ice, or served with a light lunch.  At 6.9% ABV, this cider is not carbonated.


  • Pure Appalachian apples
  • Natural ginger root extract
  • Trace amounts of sulfides to preserve the freshness
  • This product contains no artificial flavors or artificial colors
  • Gluten Free
  • 6.9% ABV
  • 750 ml (25.5 oz.)

Wyile Folklore

O’Klee, being the patriarch of the Smoky Mountain Wyile clan, is the creator of many of the Wyile Cider recipes, of which his raspberry cider is considered one of his best brews. He is also known for his cranberry cider, mango cider and ginger cider. O’Klee also known for his recipe for his famous dry sparkling cider.


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